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VRMangaComicsReaderACS is a VR reader Software for manga and comics.

This is a demo version.The full version is here.

It was developed based on the concept of reading comics with a couch potato.  You can listen to music and read your favorite comics.  Enjoy your comics life!

You can read comics on vr large screen (zip, cbz, pdf supported).

It can be controlled by hand tracking. It can also play music (mp3, wav)

Supported languages English, Japanese, German, Spanish. Castilian, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Korean.

We are planning to extend the functionality. Please let me know if you have any requests. I am an indie developer. I need money to buy assets and pay for development, so please donate. I would like to add a lot of features.

Usage Copy the image, zip file, or PDF file to your Oculus USB folder (/ VRComicReader / Books). You can use touch controller and hand track. You can also use your hands to control the device. Turn your right palm toward you to display the menu. To change pages with hand tracking, hold your hand with your palm facing the page. The left and right movement buttons will appear, allowing you to move your hand. Press the star in the upper right corner of your favorite file.

You will see a settings screen, which you can set as you like. Music will be played from the contents of the music folder.

Current issue The front needs to be aligned correctly in the oculus menu. The current software only allows tracking of up and down angles.

Thank you very much.

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VRComicsReaderACS_DEMO.apk 177 MB
SampleDocument(Cat 53).pdf 4 MB

Install instructions

Copy the sample PDF file to '/ VRComicReader/Books' of the USB-connected quest.

Up to 10 pages can be loaded.

Development log

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